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Artista: Initial D

Quiero L´Amor  (69)

En algun idioma

You touch
All my deepest places
Too much
For my tender heartbeat
Come on give me a chance and let me in
Yo soy bandido

I don't wanna be - amigo
I just wanna be - contigo
You're in my heart - siempre
Mi corazón - my desire

Quiero l'amor que nada priende
Quiero l'amor que non si intiende
Never give up on me, my baby
I won't give up on you forever

Quiero l'amor lo quiero fuerte
Quiero l'amor fin a la muerte
Never forget your face my lover
I wanna live my life together

You touch
My soul and my body
Too much
For my lovely lifetime
Come on take a chance and let it go
Yo soy tu chico

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